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What is Sports Vision

Vision is one of the most import neurological functions when it comes to playing sports. Abilities in eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, and peripheral vision are some skills needed to be a superior athlete. Those with excellent visual skills show greater abilities within their sport. Sports vision training helps the athlete improve many vision and motor abilities necessary to increase performance. Training includes:

  • Dynamic visual acuity: this helps improve the athlete’s ability to see things clearly while in motion or helps the athlete track moving objects.
  • Eye-hand coordination: this determines how well the athlete coordinates control of their eye movement with their hand movement. Improving this skill increases the athlete’s ability to coordinate reaching, grasping, passing, catching, and hitting within their sport.
  • Eye focusing (also known as accommodation): this refers to the strength, flexibility, and accuracy of the eye focusing system. Accommodative skills allow the athlete to keep objects in focus as well as quickly change focus during the game.
  • Peripheral vision (otherwise known as our side vision): Improving peripheral vision helps the athlete see objects outside of their focal point, gives the athlete a wider view of the field, and enhances reaction time.
  • Visual tracking: this is the ability to move our eyes from spot to spot while maintaining focus on the object we are looking. Improving visual tracking advances the athlete’s reaction time, speed, and fluidity within their sport.
  • Visual reaction time: this refers to the amount of time it takes for environmental stimuli to travel from our vision system into our motor system to produce a physical reaction. Improving visual reaction time helps the athlete reduce their response time, by training the brain to work more efficiently.

Sports Vision Training

80% of what we learn is processed though our visual system. Once the individual goes onto the field, this statistic increases, making vision one of the most important functions in and off the field. The athlete will be tested on a variety of visual skills important to their specific sport. These findings will direct our training to the visual areas that would benefit from improvement.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or serious athlete, Excel Institute can give you a competitive advantage by improving your dynamic visual acuity, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, visual tracking and reaction time. By teaching our athletes how to control their vision with greater agility and efficiency, we establish visual confidence. These skills lead to improvements on the field and increased self-confidence in life.

Sports Vision Training Articles

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