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All in My Head

Headaches and nightmares,

Anxiety's chaotic fingers tangling in my mind,
my very being 
-evidenceof turmoil splashing red on my thigh. 
No one sees or understands 
The disjointed
thoughts    feelings    
           concentration lost
inability to string coherency
Am I mad, going crazy, is it all in my mind?
The grocery store, bustling and loud. 
The light - it hurts my eyes. The noise - please, make it stop.
Concentration now impossible...
No one believes. 
No one understands. 
Work, school, home, hopes and dreams. 
Why is this so hard? 
It didn't use to be. 
Am I mad, going crazy, is it all in my mind?
It is all in my mind! 
No, not my mind but my head - my brain. 
There is something wrong, but with my brain
-not me.
you can't see it
but it's there. 
Someone finally understands.  
It's only temporary and I don't have to do it alone. 
I'm not mad, going crazy, it isn't all in my mind. 
Brain injury. Recovery. Hope. 
Light - at the end of a tunnel, relying on others. 
She cares. 
-Poem written by a client during our neuro-optometric rehabilitation program

"Our daughter's initial assessment at Excel Institute indicated a need for vision therapy to improve and correct problems with her peripheral vision, eye tracking and eye teaming. The excel staff developed an individualized visual rehabilitative program that included 2 office visits a week and at-home therapy. Within weeks there were improvements!  The excel staff was serious that our daughter succeeded.  They provided us with excelled support for at-home work.  Yes! We love them. The results of our collective efforts were charted with graphs while progress was measured at regular intervals.  Because of the dedication and care provided by the Excel Institute staff, our daughter will be returning to school to experience how all of her hard work has paid off.” --Vision Therapy Parent


“I am extremely happy with the care I received.  Dr Noss-Lynch completed a thorough evaluation and relayed deficit areas so I could understand.  The office staff worked diligently to ensure insurance coverage.  Brooke delivered treatment effectively, providing the “just right” challenge.  Progress was reviewed regularly, and encouragement was provided every session.  The team at the Excel Institute helped me to succeed as a person, a mom, and a professional!" --Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Participant


"For almost two years following a brain injury I sustained from an auto accident, I suffered from severe light sensitivity, multiple migraines a week and loss in my peripheral vision. Most days I couldn't even get out of bed from the pain. All I can say is I wish I had found Excel sooner! I have been under their care for about 6 months and by using syntonics alongside their intensive vision therapy program I can happily report that among many other improvements, my eyes are no longer sensitive to light in department stores or even outdoors. I can go weeks without a migraine, and my peripheral vision is working as it should. I'm so thankful to Excel for all that they've done to help me gain back my independence and better my quality of life." --Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Participant

"...would like to thank you for all you've done for Lydia.  She's so special and it was tough to watch her struggle with reading, spelling and concentration.  What all of you have done at Excel Institute is AMAZING!  You helped instill confidence in her, and helped her obtain skills that will benefit her greatly in life.  We are thankful beyond words!" --Vision Therapy Parent


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