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"On December 18, 2019, I was in a car accident that changed my life forever. Among several other injuries, I also sustained a severe concussion. Over a year later, I was constantly running into things, I physically could not read anything more than a short social media post, and I was beyond frustrated. I originally pinned this off as being a part of my chronic illness symptoms. That was until I found Excel Vision Institute. When I was tested by the staff, the source of many of my issues became crystal clear: I had zero peripheral vision, and I was reading at a second-grade efficiency level. As a student who graduated with a 4.0 from high school, this shocked me. Doctor Noss laid out a plan of action for me. This plan required me to commute a total of 4 hours twice a week, but I was determined to get my eyes back, so I agreed. To say it was worth it would be an understatement. Excel Vision Institute simply changed my life. Within only 11 visits, I had a completely open peripheral field and was reading like I had never read before. I am now able to read every single night and have finished several 300+ page books. You truly never realize how valuable your eyes are until you can't use them properly anymore. If anyone can help you get your eyes back, it's Excel Vision Institute. I truly cannot recommend this therapy program to any higher degree. A special thank you to Doctor Noss, Brooke, and Amanda for completely changing my life. I can't imagine where I would be without them. ”
Thank you again --Sophie


“Our daughter’s assessment at Excel Vision Institute indicated a need for vision therapy to improve and correct problems with her peripheral vision, eye tracking and eye teaming. The Excel staff developed an individualized visual rehabilitation program that included 2 office visits a week and at-home therapy. Within weeks there were improvements! The Excel staff was serious that our daughter succeed. They provided us with excellent support for at-home work. Yes! We love them. The results of our collective efforts were measured at regular intervals and charted on graphs. Because of the dedication and care provided by the Excel Vision Institute staff, our daughter will be returning to school to experience how all of her hard work has paid off." --Parent of pediatric patient


"I started vision therapy a very damaged person. I had been in fight or flight mode for months. My peripheral vision was collapsed, I had a lot of double vision, a balance disorder and I was reading at a first grade level. This amazing group of people truly worked as a team and I felt, for the first time, supported and cared for. It wasn’t just my journey… it was our journey. They listened and comforted me when I was in the valleys, and celebrated with me when I was climbing higher and higher with light therapy, interesting challenges, homework, and developing trust. I now read above a 12th grade level, I have confidence in my special awareness, and I accept my TBI. I truly believe I would not be where I am had it not been for this stellar group of professionals who are now my friends. Thank you so much! " --Helen P

"In vision therapy you work on your eye muscles. You might have to do light therapy and work on different colors that help your eyes. I worked 2 days a week to help my eyes work together so I could read better. After vision therapy I can see better and work my eyes together. If you try your hardest you can succeed in vision therapy." --Brett A

Poem written by a patient while being treated in our neuro-optometric rehabilitation clinic.
All in My Head

Headaches and nightmares,

Anxiety's chaotic fingers tangling in my mind,
my very being 
-evidence of turmoil splashing red on my thigh. 
No one sees or understands 
The disjointed
thoughts    feelings    
           concentration lost
inability to string coherency
Am I mad, going crazy, is it all in my mind?
The grocery store, bustling and loud. 
The light - it hurts my eyes. The noise - please, make it stop.
Concentration now impossible...
No one believes. 
No one understands. 
Work, school, home, hopes and dreams. 
Why is this so hard? 
It didn't used to be. 
Am I mad, going crazy, is it all in my mind?
It is all in my mind! 
No, not my mind but my head - my brain. 
There is something wrong, but with my brain
-not me.
you can't see it
but it's there. 
Someone finally understands.  
It's only temporary and I don't have to do it alone. 
I'm not mad, going crazy, it isn't all in my mind. 
Brain injury. Recovery. Hope. 
Light - at the end of a tunnel, relying on others. 
She cares. 


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